Waterproof Double Sided Tape

Slow Rebound Fire-retardant Flame Retardant Foam Polyurethane Microcellular PU Foam

Processing Service:Cutting, Moulding, custom design


Application:furniture protection/water-proof


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    3-15 Working days
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    50m or customer
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Slow Rebound Fire-retardant Flame Retardant Foam Polyurethane Microcellular PU Foam

          High-density polyurethane foam is a high-density, micro-cellular structure of high-performance polyhelium ester foam material. The uniform particle bubbles and unique cell structure make the foam have excellent energy absorption, buffering and sealing effects. These products are widely used in mobile phones, computers, OLEDs, smart wearables, new energy cameras and other fields, and play the role of buffering, sealing and shock absorption in various electronic equipment.


 Product Description

This Foam has a series of characteristics such as elasticity, light weight, fast pressure-sensitive fixation, convenient use, free bending, ultra-thin volume, and reliable performance.

●The shielding effect of low pressure is very good, and the shielding efficiency exceeds 90dB.

●Flexible and light in weight.

●Anti-corrosion nickel coating can prevent electrochemical corrosion.

●Low surface contact resistance.

●Quick pressure-sensitive fixation.

●Customers can specify the length.

● Numerous section options.

●UL class fireproof.


Product Use


Widely used in PDP TVs, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, mobile phones, notebook computers, MP3, communication cabinets, medical instruments and other electronic products as well as military and aerospace fields.


Physical Properties

The following parameters are for reference only
Hardness Shore'00' Resilience(25%CFD) kgf/cm2 Resilience(25%CFD)
20-42 0.1-0.15 0.1-0.15
48-58 0.25-0.45 0.25-0.45
50-58 0.26-0.45 0.26-0.45
55-70 0.7-1.5 0.7-1.5
58-72 0.8-1.7 0.8-1.7
80-86 2.0-7.0 2.0-7.0


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