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Glue Removal Tips For Transparent Tape Aug 24

Glue Removal Tips For Transparent Tape

Whether it is in our life or in industrial production, transparent tape is often used. After the transparent tape is used, it is easy to leave residual glue on the surface of the object. If it is not cleaned in time, a black lake area will be formed, which is very ugly. Let's take a look at the tips for removing glue from transparent tape.



First, the removal method of transparent glue marks:

1. Using an eraser, the eraser is also very effective to remove the traces of transparent glue, but it is only suitable for small-scale traces.

2. Use a wet towel. This method may be the method we thought of when we first found traces of transparent glue. We can soak the place with offset printing with a damp towel and then wipe it slowly, but this method is limited to places that are not afraid of stickiness.

3. Use alcohol for wiping. First of all, when using this method, you must make sure that the area to be wiped is not afraid of fading. After sticking the alcohol with a cloth, wipe it slowly until it is wiped off.

4. The detergent also has the effect of removing the traces of transparent glue. The use steps are the same as other methods.

5. Ordinary nail polish remover has a good effect on removing the traces of transparent glue because of the chemical composition in it.


Second, the removal method of double-sided tape:

1. Don't tear off the layer of paper first, use a hair dryer to heat it, and then you can take it off as soon as you take it.

2. If dark traces have been left, you can apply some white flower oil at home on it, wipe it off with a rag, and wash it with water. If you don't have white flower oil at home, you can use something like wind essential oil or biting oil, and rub it repeatedly.

3. If the black mark is not big on the part of the sticker, you can wipe it with an eraser. If the area is large, you can use anhydrous alcohol, that is, industrial alcohol, to apply it to the pasted position, and then wipe it with a cloth.

4. Use a dry cloth dampened with vinegar to cover the entire trace. After the double-sided tape is completely soaked, you can gently scrape it off with a ruler.


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