Waterproof Double Sided Tape
What is reusable nano tape used for? Aug 10 , 2022

    From the appearance of the product, nano-tape and acrylic tape are very similar, especially when you don't want to destroy the wall to use screws and bolts, you can choose nano-tape. Nano tape is a double-sided transparent non-marking tape that can be used for different purposes such as installation, fixing and even finishing. The special thing about nano tape is that it can be reused without losing its adhesive properties after cleaning. What's even more surprising is that cleaning the tape will only make the tape more sticky!

Product Usage:


1.Tidy up the clutter in the room.

If you often have trouble finding the remote control or other electronic device, just cut a length of nano-tape and stick the remote control or other electronic device on it. If the space at home is relatively small, nano-tape can use the vertical space to keep things neat and tidy, because the color of nano-tape is transparent, if you do not observe carefully, you will not even notice the existence of nano-tape, especially in light-colored areas Nano tape.



2. Paste the object on the wall.

   Nano-tape can be used to mount the object on the wall without damaging the wall. At the same time, the nano-tape is waterproof and traceless, and can be used in the bathroom or other wet areas, such as hanging bath balls, artworks, and even toothbrushes and cups in the bathroom.



3. Prevent moving furniture from scratching the floor.

   Sometimes when cleaning, furniture has to be moved. Furniture will not only scratch the surface of the floor, but also make a lot of noise. At this time, the nano tape is useful, just cut the appropriate size and stick it on the bottom of the furniture, and you will find that all the problems are solved.




4. Fixed decorations.

   Considering the time spent in the car on the way to and from get off work, we prefer to decorate our vehicle more beautifully. We will place some lucky pendants or cute and lively decorations on the dashboard in the car to ensure that we Have a happy mood all day. However, when the car is driving, the decoration will inevitably rock back and forth or even fall off. At this time, a small strip of nano-tape is used to fix the decoration in place.