Waterproof Double Sided Tape
what is pe ultra-thin waterproof tape? Aug 18 , 2022

      Ultra-thin waterproof PE foam double-sided tape, which is based on ultra-thin PE foam, is coated with acrylic glue on both sides of the foam with different foaming ratios to achieve double-sided stickiness, filling, shock absorption and waterproof sealing. and so on. At present, it has been successfully applied to the fixing of automobile mirrors, the temporary fixing of glass doors and windows, etc.



      Waterproof Foam Tape is a tape with low odor, low VOC LSV technology and tiny individual bubble structure. Using a combination of special polyethylene foam technology, it has excellent properties such as thinness, softness and water resistance. It has very small compression deformation, high sealing performance, good energy absorption, strong recoil, high dimensional stability, processing, and excellent temperature resistance, flame retardancy and weather resistance. Aging, waterproof and other properties.The product is suitable for laptop computers, mobile phones, and plays the role of shock absorption, protection and does not affect the metal. It can also be used for some texts and equipment as feet.


Product performance:

1. Ultra-thinness - support the ultra-thin compound miniaturization of products

2. Water resistance - materials in the field of waterproofing, up to the seventh level of waterproofing

3. Dust resistance - dust-proof performance

4. Low rebound - prevent the panel and frame from being deformed

5. Shock absorption - up to 55% shock absorption rate, shockproof and cushioning options

6. High temperature and high humidity characteristics - stability and weather resistance in harsh environments

7. Softness - although it is thin, it is very soft and has good compression properties


Product Usage:

1. Cell phone, computer, PDA, PSP and other LCD or casing buffer, dust-proof gasket

2. Keyboard pad buffer, dust-proof gasket

3. Camera gaskets for cameras and camcorders

4. Washers for speaker shock-proof, buffering and dust-proofing

5. LED shading, dust-proof gasket

6. Various waterproof gaskets

7. Fixed window

8. Electronic cigarette is waterproof