Waterproof Double Sided Tape
What is PE foam tape? Where to use it? Jul 22 , 2022

PE black foam double-sided tape Grey foam double-sided tape White foam double-sided tape

     Scope of application: PE foam double-sided adhesive/single-sided adhesive is based on PE foam, and one-sided/double-sided coated with high-efficiency oil-based acrylic adhesive. It can be widely used in automobiles, wall decorations, ceramic wood surfaces, among which PE foam double-sided adhesive produced with high temperature resistant acrylic oily glue with PE foam as the base material is more and more widely used.



 PE foam tape substrates can be divided into three categories: white, gray and black.

     Thickness: 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm.

     Glue system: Acrylic solvent glue.

     Paste and surface: separate with release paper and release film (red.green.blue).

     Uses: It is suitable for sticking and fixing of photo frame decorative strips, car decorative strips, wave boards, wheel arcs, baffles, plate brake lights, automobile and motorcycle signs, etc.

     Features: good adhesion retention, temperature resistance, water resistance, solubility resistance and plasticity resistance.

     Applicable temperature: -20℃~120℃.

     Detailed description: Substrate: PE foam

     Glue system: high temperature acrylic solvent-based glue



In order to suit different designs and different requirements, the colors of colloids are gray, white and black. Features: It has ultra-high adhesiveness, and also has good adhesiveness and durability in high and low temperature environments. Uses: Paste the letters of various automobiles and motorcycles, structural bonding and fixing of various electrical appliances and hardware;It can be processed into various specifications according to customer requirements, and can also be punched into various shapes. Note: It can be cut to 3mm, 4mm... and other specifications on behalf of customers.


Product Features and Uses


1. Features of this product: waterproof, anti-solvent, high temperature resistance, good obedience on curved surfaces, and can fill up uneven surfaces.

2. Main applications ①: automotive trim strips, front trim strips, rear trim strips, door sill strips, rear guards, stainless steel fuel tank trim covers, pedals, door handles, wheel arcs, baffles, plate brake lights, corner guards Crash strips, bumper bumpers, nameplates, signs, jeep bumper skirts, automotive metal trims, water guides, sealing strips, interior panels, fixing of auto parts; mirrors, weathershields, various Assembly of panels and roofs; pasting of all kinds of car/motorcycle nameplate marking letters.

3. Main application ②: Adhesion and fixation of letters, Chinese characters and patterns of aluminum, PC, PP and ABS materials in industrial signs and signs; Adhesion and fixation of electronic street signs, LED boards and signage frames; Home appliances and other panels, Decorative strips, assembly of air-conditioning equipment, assembly and fixation of glass LEDs, etc., steel plate bonding, reinforcing rib bonding, fixing glass and stainless steel.

4. Main applications ③: Mobile phone, PCB, assembly, LCD TV panel bonding, fixed nameplate, sign bonding and fixing; door and window assembly, glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, elevator wall panel installation and fixing.