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What is foam tape and how to use it Jul 07 , 2022

What is foam tape and how to use it

    Double-sided and single-sided foam tapes are used in everything from car parts to safety helmets. In the field of electrical equipment, aviation, automotive and other industrial fields, and foam tape has a higher flame retardant characteristics of the requirements. The most common foam tapes are made of EPDM, polyethylene, PVC, polyurethane or neoprene. The type of adhesive plays an important role in the overall performance of the product. Pure acrylic, solvent acrylic, and synthetic rubber are standard adhesives for double - and single-sided foam tape products.


      We can produce different single-side and double-side foam tapes, different adhesives, thicknesses, widths, lengths and colors according to the different needs of end users. Different shapes can also be customized according to customer needs, such as sheet, strip, roll or gasket.

      Single-sided and double-sided tapes are composed of low density foam, medium density foam, and high density foam, such as 50kg/m3,67kg/m3, and 100kg/m3. The density of foam determines the degree of compression of foam, and then determines the application scenario of foam tape.Some single-sided foam tapes are provided in the form of rolls that are precompressed and, when unfolded, will expand to their specified width. These types of single-sided foam tapes are especially suitable for sealing smooth or irregular joints. The main function of single-sided foam tape is to cover the bonding surface and form a seal to prevent air, dust and moisture pollution.

        Double-sided foam tapes are usually higher in size than single-sided foam. This is because of how and where bubbles are expected to behave. Foam density is combined with a high performance adhesive to ensure excellent adhesion, peeling and retention. The most typical use of foam acrylic or VHB double-sided foam tapes is in the industrial and shock absorbing areas, because double-sided acrylic foam tapes can directly replace mechanical fixtures.

         Single - and double-sided foam tapes are known for their compliance, which, combined with many other unique characteristics, results in a range of products necessary for bonding and sealing applications. GMARK Owns and operates https://www.gmarkcn.com/, one of the leading tape distribution companies in China. He has worked in the duct tape industry for over 15 years and has supplied duct tape to hundreds of companies worldwide.